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Birth Stories

Robbie and I had purposely decided to wait until we had been married for several years before starting a family – after all, how hard could it be to get pregnant?  As a planner at heart, I was very troubled […]

Two weeks and four days ago, I was due to have my baby girl, and I spent those two weeks in a roller-coaster with my faith from completely trusting The Lord and not worrying to “Lord, why did You have […]

I started to write out my birth story and after a few pages into it, I realized I was getting wrapped up in the details.  No one really cares about my appointment times two days prior to going into labor […]

I had a plan.  27: get married.  28: travel and have fun.  29: get pregnant. Instead, it was 29: get cancer. And I got it bad.  I was given a 60% chance of survival.  The treatments had a 25% chance […]